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Morning came,
Sweet sunshine,
He walked,
Flowers bloomed,
He met,
Happiness found,
Face blossomed.
सुबह हुई,
मीठी धूप,
वह चला,
फूल खिले,
वह मिला,
ख़ुशी मिली,
चेहरा खिला।

© 2022

life love

Maintenance: Poem: 410

Wish it or not,
To survive —
Need air,
In the air,
Moisture is,
It's hot,
Very clear,
Highly invisible,
Out of sight,
The fine particles are —
With oxygen.

Inside humidity,
From outside heat,
Becomes less,
That's why they say —
As per requirement,
Keep drinking water,
Internal system,
To keep organized.

© 2022

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Poem: 409: Tuesday



Goddess day,

God’s day,

Auspicious day —

Beautiful day.

© 2022

Happiness life

Poem: 408: Happiness

The city is clean,

Roadside flowers,

There are many colors and types,

Spreading fragrance,

Faces are visible from the windows,

The elderly are sitting,

The children are playing,

The faces are smiling.

© 2022

life Nature

Poem: 407: Bearing

Three's an attack going on somewhere.

Somewhere there is a draught.

Somewhere there is a tornado of storm.

Somewhere the settlements are flowing in the flood.

The scene of cruelty here and there.

Nature is also showing its effect.

© 2022

life love

Poem: 406: Texture


One place,

Two met,

One said,

The other said,

Both said,

While listening —

In discussion.

People too,

Started saying,

Liked things,

Become a ritual,

Immortal story.

© 2022

life Motivation

Poem: 405: Special


Go to there.

All the time continously.

It is necessary to walk.

Even in sleep —

Have to take care.

© 2022

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Poem: 404: Desire Of The Mind

Evening descends,
The memory groans,
Now you come,
I assumed -
It's my mistake.
शाम ढ़लती है,
याद मचलती है,
अब तुम आ जाओ,
मैंने माना -
मेरी ग़लती है।

© 2022

life Nature

Poem: 403: Seeing

Black and white.
Dark and bright.
Both are necessary -
To see right.
Don't see anything -
Without shad or light.

© 2022

love Too Words

You: Poem: 402

In the cold water of the lake, 

You steady your hands,

My body trembled,

From the edge of that calm water,

A cold wind began to blow.

Waves started running in the water,

Received your soft touch,

Don't know what happened in that forest,

The pole star rose above.

A sweet music began to play,

It resonated in the sky, on the earth,

A warmth began to rise,

What are you elusive?

Touched me to the depths.

Arise in the mind,

Do not hold the wind in the arms,

By attain tactile pleasure,

A fire will burn.

Peacock is made of feathers,

Why did you show the lovely rainbow?

Limit draws the line of fire,

The mind says let's touch them.
This life is only for a moment, and it may not be so,

It is now and will remains so better,

There may be many dawn and dusk,

You have seen beautiful dreams.

The restriction of the body on the mind is not realized,

It may not be so tomorrow,

But, if there is a bright sun,

After such a day there will be a cold night.

You let the open air flow,

Don't stop their paths,

Here loneliness also exists,

Let them also say something.

There is a gap between us,

Let it be right now,

May the moments to come,

What goes nowhere may not be our way,

With discriminatory facts -

We have no relation.
Blooming flowers also have colours,

But without you that fragrance,

A hesitation is among us,

If you say I will break it,

Walk hand in hand, / Let us turn our paths.

Attraction in the form of you, the arrival of thoughts in the mind,

The deep feelings hidden in the

waves of the breath,

The pull in the hands of love,

Me and you at the ends of invisible threads.

A seductive moment between us,

Some near you and some near me,

The wind blows in the gardens,

Drowned in love and happens thirst for love.

Knock on the door during the night,

Automatically closing and
opening the door,

Creates doubts in the mind,

At first you remembered,

I thought of you then,

Didn't know there would be some deceit,

Looked out that, there was a gust of wind.

How steady was that cloud,

The captivating mascara on beautiful eyes,

That full moon so quietly,

With great hypnosis.

© 2022

love Too Words

Love: Poem: 401

The soft sound of your footsteps,

Suddenly walks feet,

I can't live,

Without seeing your face.

Only by making life,

The work is not completed of God,

He creates a variety of life,

A unique life apart from the crowd in the crowd.

Some say form keeps changing,

But what doesn't change here?

After being hidden all night - Day comes again.

Body and mind are together,

Living together throughout life.

Love has bound you,

The arms haven't bound you,

You met me on that shore,

Where the other shore was near.

A new gleam in the eyes too,

Like a sun mirror on the form,

The sailor with the boat,

He's showing the way,

Now there's no obstacle ahead,

It's too easy to cross.

Tell yourself how?

Can one flow without water?

Eyes without seeing you,

How long can it be closed?

Different but in the heart,

Remember in all times,

Since the first meeting -

The world has changed.
It was evening that day,

So the mind was alone,

True beautiful dreams happened,

As soon as you met me,

The air changed,

The fragrance dissolved in the breath.

We both went along,

The weather was with us,

The sky was clear far and wide,

The beautiful was with us,

The moon came and the moonlight came,

Happiness found a new aura,

Then clouds came to see us,

Water also rained from above,

Wet clothes tied the body,

Soft smiles stirred the mind,

Went all night in talks,

Looked in front, it was morning standing.

Reflection of a distant tree,

Water running down the slope,

Trailing rain trails behind,

Before the common people can see,

Signs of walking on different ways,

Two lovers but one love.
Wet earth and slippery,

It was necessary to walk,

To meet again -

To be separated was a compulsion.

Went on self way,

Night was visible on the face.

No one could know my meeting,

The footprints of the secret have been revealed,

Together but the identity is different.
Found you again,

Becoming a friend of the heart,

My lotus in front of me,

Washed in dew,

Looking for something,

Thinking about something late,

Breaking straws without reason,

Something unknown with fingers Adding up,

More in itself,

Manifested but lost.

Life as if confused,

Phases like instability.
The season is autumn,

Wearing clothes of spring,

A smile like this -

A bud will bloom like a flower,

Is it awakening or is it a dream!

Or any mode of sleep,

The sight showing this,

Or any new creation of nature.

© 2022

life Too Words

From Hare To There: Poem: 400

During the conversation, many things come to the fore, 

People listen and say many things,

Even those who are silent know many things,

By coming in remembrance, the mind is provoked to meet again Special meetings.

One's voice may go to the ear of another to a certain extent,

The new revolution has eased much and broken the shackles of boundaries,

The new construction has also made it easier to catch the lie,

He says he didn't come,

The video says he came.

The successful journey of water from rivers to bottles became possible,

There is arrangement for lodging and food at the place,

Calling advertisements from the windows of vehicles,

From afar everyone tells his specialty,

Whoever likes here goes there.

There is a rest of the night, he has to go ahead again in the morning,

Night is like an occasion for all,

People walk in the night because of their busyness,

So much activity that some people, walk even in dreams.

The talk of letters has become obsolete,

Now there are so many types of messages that don't ask,

There are no opportunities to see some messages,

People have to listen to complaints when they make mistakes.
Here and there
Here and there
There are many ways to go anywhere here,

There is many medium to register your presence,

If not real, then virtual also works,

Press the remote button here and the lamp lights up somewhere else,

According to the time, Inventions happen.

If you forget to say something, write it down on paper with a pen or on a screen with a keyboard,

If you miss the evening, you can say in the morning,

No matter what the knot is like a breaker,

Someone stays And someone moves on.

Sometimes one has to go somewhere to persuade one's own mind.

Were earlier and still is greenery.

Greenery brings happiness. There are many proofs of beauty in nature.

You can smile with flowers if you can't find a human.

The earth moves but the earth has stability.

In this stage also a lot changes automatically.

One sky but different light.

Sometimes there is sunshine from the sun and moonlight from the moon.

The roads keep getting shorter by moving.

One position is followed by another.

Thinking gives dreams and dreams give new thinking.

The morning visible day lasts till evening.

© 2022

love Too Words

Love: Poem: 399

The birds are completely drenched,

Drops of water are dripping from every leaf of the tree,

The nests are in trouble,

The birds are still chirping,

Speaking whole-heartedly,

As if this Getting wet in the weather -

He likes it very much.

The water under the tree is thinking,

The leaf or the water are both from nature,

But the conditions are different,

One is flowing and one is swinging attached to the branch.

A girl was watching all this from the window of her house,

A cold wind was blowing when the rain stopped,

He was missing her,

At last he came to visit her,

The boy carried a garland of fragrant flowers with him,

Had brought,

He decorated that garland in the girlfriend's hair,

The boy had to return early for a necessity,

He asked permission,

He got permission and left from there.

Flowers were flowers after all,

The flowers withered,

But her nights are fragrant with her fragrance -

Still fragrant,

The meeting of both hands,

Still is the jewel of a flower,

Is the ring of love,

Is the world of love,

Wrapped in waves of remembrance.
In that boy's town,

At the turn of a street,

There was a big tree,

Of fragrance,

One night by a fierce thunderstorm,

Almost the whole city went out of power,

He was coming from somewhere,

He stood stoically,

Then the fragrance tree told the address of his house.

One day the girl went to that tree, asked her name,

And asked will you come to my house?

The tree said take me home.

The wind tied his horse there,

The day used to stay there and talk to the clouds.
After a few days that house was sold,

The fragrance tree too,

They went away,

To other people.

High roof-on-ceiling,


The wind carried its vehicle,

The clouds went away angrily,

The Fragrance Tree Withered.

Now in that city,

At the turn of the same street,

During the day and sometimes even at night,

For a small tree with innumerable flowers,

People stop,

To know the address.
Away from the greenery,

In the multitude of buildings,

People don't want to live,

Because that's no longer a tree,

There is no that fragrance,

It still rains,

But that's not the view,

Those birds families are not here.
Whatever but in hearts,

There is love for nature,

Science suggests,

There can be greenery in the house too,

Proven -

Love can flourish anywhere.

© 2022

life Too Words

Relations: Poem: 398

Relationships have love, 

Relationships are the basis of life,

In relationships lies the essence of life,

Every relationship has its own value,

Because relationships are the whole world.
It takes heart and mind to maintain relationships, 

Sweetness in speech,

Restraint and culture,

Love in the world requires loving behavior,

Relationship is of mind,

Relationship is of philosophy,

Relationship is of childhood,

Relationship is boyhood is of,

Relationship is of youth,

Relationship is of caress,

Relationship is of love,

Relation is to Ringar,

Relation is to near,

Relation is from afar,

Relationship is to country,

Relation is to foreign,

Relationship is with disguise,

Relationship is with surroundings,

Relationship is with earth,

Relationship with sky,

Relationship with night,

Relationship with light,

Relationship with body,

Relationship with dedication.
Our breath goes on,

When the day comes we often open our eyes,

You feel and see -

Sometimes just slowly,

The wind blows,

The flowers bloom,

The butterflies come,

That beauty Spreads,

The bees come,

She makes from the juice of flowers,

The magic juice 'Honey'.

Birds live on trees,

They endure heat, rain and cold,

Still fall in love,

Fussy on trees,

The cuckoo sings.

All animals and birds are of no less importance,

They also have great sense,

They also obey the laws of nature,

They also play their kinship well.
The world shelters all,

Basic facilities are available here,

There is water,

Here is the land,

Many rivers flow here,

Many mountains stand here,

There is love in the heart of nature,

Love of all For,

For everyone's family,

For personal and relative,

For storyteller and lyricist,

For love news.

There is a lot to be found here even without looking,

What is not found by searching?

Oil and wick burns the lamp,

The relationship of positive and negative electric energy -

Many kinds of bulbs burn,

There are paths even in the dark,

Friend finds friend,

Boy finds girlfriend,

Girl finds boyfriend,

Many colors to life in love Meet,

There is a different atmosphere,

There is a state of happiness,

When two lovers walk together,

Day or night the same,

There are communication of happiness through sweet relationships.

© 2022

life love

Expected: Poem: 397


Open your mouth,

Say something,

There is peace,

There is doubt,

Stable body,

Is love,

Is affection,

In the environment,

Of words –

Is seeking,

Appearance is expected.


मुंह खोलो,

कुछ बोलो,

शांति है,

संदेह है,

स्थिर देह है,

प्रेम है,

स्नेह है,

वातावरण में,

शब्दों की –

मांग है,

उपस्थिति अपेक्षित है।

© 2022


Poem: 396: New


Middle of the night,

Fireworks happened,

The sound of fireworks echoed,

Sleep broke,

Message came in mobile —

New year has come.

© 2022


Poem: 395: Questions & Answers

Where are you?
How are you alone?
Why are you alone?
This is your qualification!
What kind of question is this?
What is known?
What is not known?

In this whole world,
In water or land,
In a mountain or desert,
Life exists,
A sign of life,
Life's identity,
This is a true guess —
People have knowledge,
Striving science,
Many differences open,
Unknowns known,
Don't worry,
It's a matter of effort,
Inaction is pointless,
Life is capable.
तुम कहाँ हो?
कैसे अकेले हो?
क्यूँ अकेले हो?
ये तुम्हारा प्रश्न है!
ये कैसा प्रश्न है?
क्या ज्ञात है?
क्या नहीं ज्ञात है?
इस पूरी दुनियाँ में,
जल या थल में,
पर्वत या मरुस्थल में,
जीवन का अस्तित्व है,
जीवन का निशान है,
जीवन की पहचान है,
यह सच्चा अनुमान है —
लोगों में ज्ञान है,
प्रयासरत विज्ञान है,
कई भेद खुले,
अज्ञात ज्ञात हुए,
चिन्ता की बात नहीं है,
प्रयत्न की बात है,
निष्क्रियता व्यर्थ है,
जीवन समर्थ है।

© 2021

life love

Poem: 394: For Company


First choice,

Then saw,

Things that happened,

New discussion,

Many encounters,

Lots of places,


Long wait,

In love,

For companion.


© 2021

life Nature

Poem: 393: Varied

Walk slowly,
Necessary handling,
Sunny day -
Night lamp.
That far,
Very close,
A king,
A simple,
Some stopped,
Many heroic.

© 2021

Beauty my click


Pic - Self
Pic – Self

A little off,

Slightly open,

In the garden –

Flowers met.

They beautiful,

They happy,

Faces blossomed.


थोड़े बंद,

थोड़े खुले,

बाग़ में –

फूल मिले।

वो सुन्दर,

वो खुश,

चेहरे खिले।


© 2021

life love

Poem: 392: Found A Friend

He was in front of the house in the winter sun under the sky,
Feeling of relaxation by the slight warmth in the cool air,
A friend's arrival at a tea stall some distance away,
After a while the vendor and he showed up with two cups of tea,
There was first one, then three and then two,
A beautiful environment free of noise for conversation,
After many days, both of them got the opportunity of reconciliation,
Old things also become new by coming in the present,
Sorrow goes away if someone gives happiness by smiling.

© 2021

life love

Poem: 391

Poem Poster
Poem Poster
You and your,
Self and loved ones,
Mind and heart,
Merge into the body,
Existence from within,
Doer and Creator,
Opportunity always.
आप और आपका,
स्वयं और स्वजन,
मन और हृदय,
तन में विलय,
अंतः से अस्तित्व,
कर्ता और कृतित्व,
अवसर युक्त नित्य।

© 2021

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pic&words: 1449

Pic : Self
Pic : Self

Inside the bud,

Future color,

Near the bud,

Yesterday’s color.

Petal away from flower,

The identity of the flower,

Even after separation,

Have a unique pride –

Nature is great.


कली के अंदर,

भविष्य का रंग,

कली के पास,

कल का रंग।

फूल से दूर पंखुड़ी,

फूल की पहचान है,

अलग होने के बाद भी,

अनोखी शान है –

प्रकृति महान है।


© 2021

life love

Poem: 390

Poem Poster
Poem Poster
It's night so what happened?
Life is with,
With everyone -
God's blessing.
An obstacle to overcome,
There is a dispute to be resolved.
रात है तो क्या हुआ?
जीवन तो साथ है,
सभी के साथ -
ईश्वर का आशीर्वाद है।
हटने के लिए बाधा है,
हल होने के लिए विवाद है।

© 2021

life love

Poem: 389: That Moment

Poem Poster
Poem Poster
It was evening there,
He remembered her,
He has a picture in his mind,
Her fragrance is in air,
He is waiting for her,
When she comes,
Then the same scene will happen,
Will meet again -
Many things will happen

© 2021