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Children’s Prayers: Story #08

      Often the eyes of both the brothers and sisters were fixed on the window since morning. In fact, from the window various things like food would often fall, on which these children would pounce and eat with great fervor. One day Tanuja saw that two children were walking around her window for a long time, so she asked in a slightly loud voice, "Children, what are you doing?" Both the children were in awe for a while. Then the girl gathered some courage and said, "Auntie, often some food items fall from this window, which we eat. But for two days nothing is falling from the window."
      Tanuja automatically understood everything about him. In fact, his son Rohit used to throw food items from the window of his house, which these children used to eat happily. As Rohit's health is deteriorating, the doctor has asked to give only fluids. Tanuja thought that there is a strange arrangement of nature. He who has arrangements to eat cannot eat and those who can eat do not have arrangements to eat. An idea came to Tanuja's mind and brought both the children to her house and fed her full stomach. Then she said, "Children, when you feel hungry, come here. Rohit cannot eat, you will get some peace of mind by feeding." Saying this, Tanuja's eyes moistened. "What happened to your son, Auntie?" The boy asked with great affection. "The son has a serious illness. I don't know if he will be able to recover or not?" Tanuja said sadly.

"Don't cry Auntie, Rohit will be fine. We will pray to God for him." There was such intimacy in the voice of the girl that Tanuja became emotional.
      Five days later, the doctor fixed the date for Rohit's operation. Suddenly that day came. The doctor said that it is a very complex problem. The effort is in our hands, the rest is in the hands of God. The operation started at 10:30 in the morning and ended at 3:30 in the day. As soon as the doctor came out, everyone surrounded him. "Miracle happened. The child is out of danger now. He will regain consciousness in four-five hours." The doctor said happily.

Everyone was surprised to hear

the good news. The prospect of

which was uncertain had

appeared. Tanuja felt as if the

prayers of those two children

were behind this miracle.

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love Too Words

You: Poem: 402

In the cold water of the lake, 

You steady your hands,

My body trembled,

From the edge of that calm water,

A cold wind began to blow.

Waves started running in the water,

Received your soft touch,

Don't know what happened in that forest,

The pole star rose above.

A sweet music began to play,

It resonated in the sky, on the earth,

A warmth began to rise,

What are you elusive?

Touched me to the depths.

Arise in the mind,

Do not hold the wind in the arms,

By attain tactile pleasure,

A fire will burn.

Peacock is made of feathers,

Why did you show the lovely rainbow?

Limit draws the line of fire,

The mind says let's touch them.
This life is only for a moment, and it may not be so,

It is now and will remains so better,

There may be many dawn and dusk,

You have seen beautiful dreams.

The restriction of the body on the mind is not realized,

It may not be so tomorrow,

But, if there is a bright sun,

After such a day there will be a cold night.

You let the open air flow,

Don't stop their paths,

Here loneliness also exists,

Let them also say something.

There is a gap between us,

Let it be right now,

May the moments to come,

What goes nowhere may not be our way,

With discriminatory facts -

We have no relation.
Blooming flowers also have colours,

But without you that fragrance,

A hesitation is among us,

If you say I will break it,

Walk hand in hand, / Let us turn our paths.

Attraction in the form of you, the arrival of thoughts in the mind,

The deep feelings hidden in the

waves of the breath,

The pull in the hands of love,

Me and you at the ends of invisible threads.

A seductive moment between us,

Some near you and some near me,

The wind blows in the gardens,

Drowned in love and happens thirst for love.

Knock on the door during the night,

Automatically closing and
opening the door,

Creates doubts in the mind,

At first you remembered,

I thought of you then,

Didn't know there would be some deceit,

Looked out that, there was a gust of wind.

How steady was that cloud,

The captivating mascara on beautiful eyes,

That full moon so quietly,

With great hypnosis.

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life Narration Too Words

Behaviours: Narration #02


It is not human nature to kill someone. The primitive man may have been uncivilized, but even while living in the forest, he used to kill animals for only two reasons. One, to protect himself and the other to satisfy his hunger, that too when he did not have the option of food and drink. But when he learned to live with animals, raised them, used them for agriculture, business, transport, milk etc., then he accepted them as his companions and also started rearing and protecting them. But as he became civilized, the tendency towards collecting increased, greed increased, different types of thinking developed.


Creature whether human or animal has every right to survive and no one has the right to take his life. But in animals whether it is a cow, a buffalo, a goat or any other animal, it is never a human behavior to take the life of another animal to fulfill one’s own mirage. Taking someone else’s life for one’s own selfishness, to satisfy the hunger of the stomach is just a mirage. How long will God see such cruelty?


Many types of creatures became extinct due to being caught in the trap of hunters. At that time there was no one to hear the cries of those innocent animals and even if there were, they used to keep silent. In this period of development, they could not even imagine what would be the result. They are now in photographs only for the information of the new generation. There are many types of animal slaughter, the description of which seems strange to the mind. The pace of modernity has increased so much that time has become less and the trend of fast food has increased. The mouth does not get the right time to chew and digest the digestive system.


In the fourteenth verse of the seventeenth chapter of the Gita, it is said that non-violence, purity, simplicity is the best austerity, while useless violence is discarded. Any form of violence whether it is in the name of religion, in the name of traditions or in the name of selfishness should be given up. Instead of sacrificing (killing) an innocent animal, man should sacrifice (kill) the animal within himself. You should give up your unpleasant greed. There is a part of God in every living being, whether animal or bird or man, all are equal in the eyes of God, then why would God be pleased by killing his own part. How can eliminating one part of one’s body please the rest of the body?

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love Too Words

Love: Poem: 401

The soft sound of your footsteps,

Suddenly walks feet,

I can't live,

Without seeing your face.

Only by making life,

The work is not completed of God,

He creates a variety of life,

A unique life apart from the crowd in the crowd.

Some say form keeps changing,

But what doesn't change here?

After being hidden all night - Day comes again.

Body and mind are together,

Living together throughout life.

Love has bound you,

The arms haven't bound you,

You met me on that shore,

Where the other shore was near.

A new gleam in the eyes too,

Like a sun mirror on the form,

The sailor with the boat,

He's showing the way,

Now there's no obstacle ahead,

It's too easy to cross.

Tell yourself how?

Can one flow without water?

Eyes without seeing you,

How long can it be closed?

Different but in the heart,

Remember in all times,

Since the first meeting -

The world has changed.
It was evening that day,

So the mind was alone,

True beautiful dreams happened,

As soon as you met me,

The air changed,

The fragrance dissolved in the breath.

We both went along,

The weather was with us,

The sky was clear far and wide,

The beautiful was with us,

The moon came and the moonlight came,

Happiness found a new aura,

Then clouds came to see us,

Water also rained from above,

Wet clothes tied the body,

Soft smiles stirred the mind,

Went all night in talks,

Looked in front, it was morning standing.

Reflection of a distant tree,

Water running down the slope,

Trailing rain trails behind,

Before the common people can see,

Signs of walking on different ways,

Two lovers but one love.
Wet earth and slippery,

It was necessary to walk,

To meet again -

To be separated was a compulsion.

Went on self way,

Night was visible on the face.

No one could know my meeting,

The footprints of the secret have been revealed,

Together but the identity is different.
Found you again,

Becoming a friend of the heart,

My lotus in front of me,

Washed in dew,

Looking for something,

Thinking about something late,

Breaking straws without reason,

Something unknown with fingers Adding up,

More in itself,

Manifested but lost.

Life as if confused,

Phases like instability.
The season is autumn,

Wearing clothes of spring,

A smile like this -

A bud will bloom like a flower,

Is it awakening or is it a dream!

Or any mode of sleep,

The sight showing this,

Or any new creation of nature.

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life Story Too Words

Twenty Coins: Story #09

The twelve-year-old boy started working as a waiter in a bar near his town.  The boy was uneducated, so the owner had told him to do small-big works of the outside.  It was not difficult to speak to less affluent customers outside, yet they did not have any less chatter.  After a few days, the owner disqualified him for the job.  The boy's recommenders were wealthy people, so suspending him was not easy.  Since then the boy started working inside.
Among the people who came there was a special old man, who was different in spite of the manner in which he was dressed. His body was elongated, pale complexion and the marks of wounds were visible in the wrinkles of his face. It seemed that he was not taken care of for many years. Some half of his words and some do not understand anything. As soon as he reached there, all the drunkards started laughing. Some would ask him in false sympathy that 'You see the marks of wounds on your face.' He used to ask to bring liquor without giving any answer. He used to pay for things, but still some people used to tell him that 'You must have stolen again'. Showing his eyes to the speaker, he would say - 'Why do you stain someone's decency without any reason.' What kind of decency?' 'Just two days back I saw in front of my eyes you being beaten, cause of stealing someone's belongings.'
Old man
Old man
People who knew him used to say that 'he had studied history and literature, but could never pass any competition or get any definite job.' Therefore, he gradually became poor, even the condition of begging came. His writing style was good and work was also available, but due to the habit of drinking alcohol, the paper-book, pen, ink received for work would disappear within a few days. Because of this, there was no one to give him work.

One day, looking at the books of account, the owner said - 'The old man has not come here for a long time, he still has twenty coins to be borrowed.' The boy was told by a customer two days ago that 'the old man leg broke.' As soon as the boy looked at him, he said, 'Now he got harsh punishment from the security personnel of the merchant as a result very bad happened to him.'
Bar house
Bar house
It was the afternoon time. There was not a single customer in the shop. Suddenly the ears heard a voice. The boy peeped outside, the same old man was sitting there with the support of the wall. The face was dark and even more vulnerable than before. The whole outline had changed. He had somehow come there wearing an old and torn coat. Seeing the boy, he said 'A cup of wine.' The owner took out own neck and related it. 'You still have twenty coins left on loan.' The old man somehow raised his head and said, 'I will repay this loan next time. The cash payment for now will be done. There were expressions of prayer in his eyes, as if he was praying. By that time more people had come. He took out six coins from the torn pocket and handed them over to the boy. After a while he again emptied a cup and slowly walked away with the noise of sarcasm and laughter. The boy did not see the old man after that.

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Beauty Nature Too Words

Beauty Of The Forest : Story #08

There was a forest spread over a wide area of miles. In the forest, many types of new and old, small and big trees and many types of shrubs become a symbol of unity in diversity by their presence. Not only the animals of the forest, but also the plants are present in the form of a boon for mankind, in the form of their qualities. There the greenery is free, dependent on the resources provided by nature. At some places, despite being old, it becomes new when the weather changes. With the beauty and fragrance of flowers, the atmosphere becomes heaven-like, making life astonishing and attracting life towards itself.
The people living in the villages near the forest used to visit the markets and other places a few kilometers away according to their daily routine and requirement.  People get many types of jobs in the market and in the city than in the village.  He lived a simple life untouched by modernity, away from the village city.  This was a long time ago, otherwise today knowledge and science have developed a lot.  But even today there are some such places and forest areas where people are unaware of the developed society of the present.
A new family of a woodcutter lived in the village near that forest. His job was to cut wood from the forest and earn his living by selling wood. One day he went deep inside the forest in search of dry wood. There was new everywhere, yet he continued his efforts and found a thick branch of a tree lying on the ground. A forest fairy was fascinated by the young woodcutter's knotted, beautiful body. She appeared before him and, showing all the beautiful gestures of her beauty, said, "Woodcutter......,Woodcutter, you will marry me." The woodcutter's mind was also attracted little by little seeing her beauty. Still, he kept chopping wood to his tune. On the insistence of the forest fairy again, he said, "I am also wishing to marry you, but at this time I am a little worried. My wife is sitting hungry at home. Only when I sell these wood in the market, then the food will be made in my house." Saying "I will solve your problem now", the angel waved her hand in the air and a bag full of riches was born. He gave that bag to the woodcutter.
The woodcutter took that bag and went to his house in haste. Now his condition got better and he started living well. A few months later, the fairy again met the woodcutter and asked, "Now you will marry me." "No" - was the reply of the woodcutter. "But why?" Pari asked. His reply was that "With the availability of good food and use of good clothes, my own wife has become more beautiful than you." Hearing this, the fairy went away, taking the memory of the woodcutter with her. Both had smiles on their faces.

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life Story Too Words

Child: Story #07

The bus full of passengers was moving at its own speed.  People were happy knowing that we would all reach our respective destinations at the right time.  Things are natural and way smoother according to common opinion.  The bus had to cover a distance of about twenty five kilometres.  The twenty-kilometer route was like an L, with one in both sections and the other a bridge respectively for the course of the river.  When the bus was about to start passing through those two routes, the driver's mobile started ringing and it was reported that 'one of the two bridges has broken due to which the road is closed'.  The driver of the vehicle has several routes to know.  The river flowing under the two roads forms a right angled triangle with the roads.  A kutcha road some before the river meets the same L-like road before one bridge and after the second bridge.  The driver decided to proceed through the same unpaved route.  The road was rough due to which the bus was shaking as it moved.
A child stood at front door of the bus. A small child, five to six years old, thin and weak body. Despite this, there was a deep expression of confidence on his face, which had forgotten any trouble. The bus stopped at one place and the child got down from the bus and climbed with confidence. His mother was looking outside carelessly with the child sitting in the bus. Anticipating any imminent danger as the bus hesitated and the child stood at the door of the bus, a woman sitting in the bus said to the child, 'Where is it standing there? Come in and sit properly.' The child just stood there. The driver had ignored even seeing it. He was driving with all his engrossment. A car going in front suddenly stopped. The driver immediately applied the brakes. All the passengers sitting in the bus suddenly leaned forward. The child shook a little, but stood there.
The bus was about to stop at the bus stand, the child's mother got up in a panic and reached the door and signaled the child to get down. The child jumped off. He turned upside down. Luckily, it was just too slow. The driver said 'wait for a while' but ignoring the advice of the driver, both got down. It was a good coincidence and experience, mother and child completed their journey safely.

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Article Colors Too Words

Yellow: Article #01

Spring is called the king of seasons for its characteristics. As soon as the attention of spring comes, spring-colored flowers appear in front of the eyes. In this season, the fields are full with mustard, sunflower, marigold, arhar and flax yellow flowers. Yellow is important for a number of reasons. For example, the yellow color is pure and a symbol of happiness. It is arousing of ambitions, an intellectual development and a nurturer of conscience. One aspect of its golden color is that it gives a completely peaceful and pleasant feeling
It is also a cause of youth, happiness and joy related to sunlight. If the walls of the rooms are painted yellow, it creates a sense of light and joy in the room. Yellow fruits and vegetables are supposed to clean the stomach and give peace to the nerve. The golden colour with highly positive vibration is going to generate compassion and creativity with profound spiritual being.
Yellow also has a negative side. If its excessive brightness is used repeatedly, then our consciousness becomes hyperactive and creates irritability. It causes fear, becomes prejudicial and even destructive, and there are many quick reactions to stress situations. Babies often cry in a yellow room, and in a yellow environment, allergens are spread far and wide.
There are a lot of things in the history of yellow. This color was regarded as a sacred color in China, Greek and Egypt, later it became a symbol of power. This color is also considered to be a symbol of the sun and a symbol of god's goodness. In the pictures of the saint and God, a yellow halo is formed around the head. In the presence of a yellow color, our vision sends electrochemical signals from the eyes to the brain very quickly.
The use of yellow colour on Manglik occasions is considered auspicious. The shade of this color looks gorgeous to look at and there is an atmosphere of happiness everywhere. Yellow is also considered to be related to the qualities of forgiveness, seriousness, production, stability, splendor, strength, sensibility and heaviness. This color can be used to attract a small amount of attention, such as in advertisements and traffic signs.
From the point of view of medical science, yellow color generates energy for the muscles by stimulating our motor nerve. There is a possibility of partial or complete paralysis when there is an error in sending a yellow vibration to a part of the body. The functionality and further damage are improved by using red and green rays with yellow. If yellow rays are added to the gastro-intestinal tracts for a short period of time then it is helpful in digestion. It balances the flow by eliminating/removing insects/bacteria by overuse of it. The appearance of yellow color is helpful in muscle formation. It has an effect on the catalyst, cleaning and liver. It provides benefits to the stomach and skin. It is also helpful in cleaning the blood. It also helps in the improvement of happiness, intellectual level and eclipse power. Apart from this, yellow color is also beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis, constipation, diabetes, digestive problems, skin disease, fatigue, liver disease, depression, paralysis, and kidney disease. But it is better not to use it in the event of excessive swelling, rash, fast heartbeat, over-stimulation, diarrhea and fever.
By the way, yellow is the color of the sun, of gold, and of happiness. It has a beautiful and beautiful effect.

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life Narration Too Words

Goodness: Narration #01

Whenever there is a discussion about life and goodness that goodness is something different from life.  But that is not really the case because how can there be any existence of the good outside of life?  Goodness remains attached to life as an essential and people knowingly or unknowingly take it away from them.  If seen, life without goodness seems colorless, it is often understood by all.

Man need not wander for goodness or goodness. Willpower is required. Good thinking is required. Honesty to oneself is required. The question of how honest humans are to themselves, to their homes, to their surroundings is important. Man has to think that not only humans, but many other creatures also live in the environment of nature. There is a place for them too, but human beings encroach upon their place. The grab-and-go mindset is the biggest obstacle to goodness. Human beings who keep snatching the rights of other living beings till then they cannot remain good. Man snatched the forest from them, the rivers receded, the ponds were filled and the occupation of the sky increased. This imbalance of the environment reduces the goodness of man every day. By showing kindness to other human beings, humans can become good for a few moments, some days or some years, but if goodness is wanted in real life, then man has to keep in mind the right of other living beings to live. Where there is honesty there is goodness. Many struggles are described in history for good, and 'Truth wins' is also described.
True conduct is the brightest color of life.  The bright color of goodness.  There are two paths in everyone's life, one is acceptance and one is rejection.  But which is the path of acceptance, it is necessary to test it.  This test is not a matter of one day.  It has to be understood continuously, just as an artist understands colors.  It takes time to understand which colors will combine to form which colors.  Blue and yellow together make green, but how much blue and how much yellow depends on which green it will be?  Goodness is also like a color in life.  If your good thinking supports your actions, then the color of goodness blossoms.

The bansi is made of bamboo but it is articulated with the breath. A flute without breath is just bamboo. Similarly life cannot be assertive without goodness. There can be many colors of goodness.
The flute is made of bamboo but it is articulated with the breath.  A flute without breath is just bamboo.  Similarly life cannot be assertive without goodness.  There can be many colors of goodness.  A person usually identifies things by his habits and habits make a person's identity.  The identity of the person is good, it can happen.  One needs good conscience and good thoughts to be good.

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life Too Words

From Hare To There: Poem: 400

During the conversation, many things come to the fore, 

People listen and say many things,

Even those who are silent know many things,

By coming in remembrance, the mind is provoked to meet again Special meetings.

One's voice may go to the ear of another to a certain extent,

The new revolution has eased much and broken the shackles of boundaries,

The new construction has also made it easier to catch the lie,

He says he didn't come,

The video says he came.

The successful journey of water from rivers to bottles became possible,

There is arrangement for lodging and food at the place,

Calling advertisements from the windows of vehicles,

From afar everyone tells his specialty,

Whoever likes here goes there.

There is a rest of the night, he has to go ahead again in the morning,

Night is like an occasion for all,

People walk in the night because of their busyness,

So much activity that some people, walk even in dreams.

The talk of letters has become obsolete,

Now there are so many types of messages that don't ask,

There are no opportunities to see some messages,

People have to listen to complaints when they make mistakes.
Here and there
Here and there
There are many ways to go anywhere here,

There is many medium to register your presence,

If not real, then virtual also works,

Press the remote button here and the lamp lights up somewhere else,

According to the time, Inventions happen.

If you forget to say something, write it down on paper with a pen or on a screen with a keyboard,

If you miss the evening, you can say in the morning,

No matter what the knot is like a breaker,

Someone stays And someone moves on.

Sometimes one has to go somewhere to persuade one's own mind.

Were earlier and still is greenery.

Greenery brings happiness. There are many proofs of beauty in nature.

You can smile with flowers if you can't find a human.

The earth moves but the earth has stability.

In this stage also a lot changes automatically.

One sky but different light.

Sometimes there is sunshine from the sun and moonlight from the moon.

The roads keep getting shorter by moving.

One position is followed by another.

Thinking gives dreams and dreams give new thinking.

The morning visible day lasts till evening.

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love Too Words

Love: Poem: 399

The birds are completely drenched,

Drops of water are dripping from every leaf of the tree,

The nests are in trouble,

The birds are still chirping,

Speaking whole-heartedly,

As if this Getting wet in the weather -

He likes it very much.

The water under the tree is thinking,

The leaf or the water are both from nature,

But the conditions are different,

One is flowing and one is swinging attached to the branch.

A girl was watching all this from the window of her house,

A cold wind was blowing when the rain stopped,

He was missing her,

At last he came to visit her,

The boy carried a garland of fragrant flowers with him,

Had brought,

He decorated that garland in the girlfriend's hair,

The boy had to return early for a necessity,

He asked permission,

He got permission and left from there.

Flowers were flowers after all,

The flowers withered,

But her nights are fragrant with her fragrance -

Still fragrant,

The meeting of both hands,

Still is the jewel of a flower,

Is the ring of love,

Is the world of love,

Wrapped in waves of remembrance.
In that boy's town,

At the turn of a street,

There was a big tree,

Of fragrance,

One night by a fierce thunderstorm,

Almost the whole city went out of power,

He was coming from somewhere,

He stood stoically,

Then the fragrance tree told the address of his house.

One day the girl went to that tree, asked her name,

And asked will you come to my house?

The tree said take me home.

The wind tied his horse there,

The day used to stay there and talk to the clouds.
After a few days that house was sold,

The fragrance tree too,

They went away,

To other people.

High roof-on-ceiling,


The wind carried its vehicle,

The clouds went away angrily,

The Fragrance Tree Withered.

Now in that city,

At the turn of the same street,

During the day and sometimes even at night,

For a small tree with innumerable flowers,

People stop,

To know the address.
Away from the greenery,

In the multitude of buildings,

People don't want to live,

Because that's no longer a tree,

There is no that fragrance,

It still rains,

But that's not the view,

Those birds families are not here.
Whatever but in hearts,

There is love for nature,

Science suggests,

There can be greenery in the house too,

Proven -

Love can flourish anywhere.

© 2022

life Too Words

Relations: Poem: 398

Relationships have love, 

Relationships are the basis of life,

In relationships lies the essence of life,

Every relationship has its own value,

Because relationships are the whole world.
It takes heart and mind to maintain relationships, 

Sweetness in speech,

Restraint and culture,

Love in the world requires loving behavior,

Relationship is of mind,

Relationship is of philosophy,

Relationship is of childhood,

Relationship is boyhood is of,

Relationship is of youth,

Relationship is of caress,

Relationship is of love,

Relation is to Ringar,

Relation is to near,

Relation is from afar,

Relationship is to country,

Relation is to foreign,

Relationship is with disguise,

Relationship is with surroundings,

Relationship is with earth,

Relationship with sky,

Relationship with night,

Relationship with light,

Relationship with body,

Relationship with dedication.
Our breath goes on,

When the day comes we often open our eyes,

You feel and see -

Sometimes just slowly,

The wind blows,

The flowers bloom,

The butterflies come,

That beauty Spreads,

The bees come,

She makes from the juice of flowers,

The magic juice 'Honey'.

Birds live on trees,

They endure heat, rain and cold,

Still fall in love,

Fussy on trees,

The cuckoo sings.

All animals and birds are of no less importance,

They also have great sense,

They also obey the laws of nature,

They also play their kinship well.
The world shelters all,

Basic facilities are available here,

There is water,

Here is the land,

Many rivers flow here,

Many mountains stand here,

There is love in the heart of nature,

Love of all For,

For everyone's family,

For personal and relative,

For storyteller and lyricist,

For love news.

There is a lot to be found here even without looking,

What is not found by searching?

Oil and wick burns the lamp,

The relationship of positive and negative electric energy -

Many kinds of bulbs burn,

There are paths even in the dark,

Friend finds friend,

Boy finds girlfriend,

Girl finds boyfriend,

Many colors to life in love Meet,

There is a different atmosphere,

There is a state of happiness,

When two lovers walk together,

Day or night the same,

There are communication of happiness through sweet relationships.

© 2022

life Story Too Words

Proud: Story #04


The words that come out of the mouth after birth are different.  In the course of the progress of life, the process of constructing new syntax goes on continuously according to the condition and arrangement.  The new stream crosses every obstacle that comes in its way and keeps moving forward on the earth to reflect the new change.  She does not see what kind of situations are, or does not think before doing, how this work will be possible?  When new achievements come in front of the world, then a new experience and new learning are presented.  Letters make words and words make sentences and sentences make a story.


Opportunities to listen, read, write or say come every day.  The discussion of history, along with repeating the time gone by, tells what happened behind and what was proved from it?  The example influences the activities that will happen next, facilitating in a different sense.  The world class record indicates that a record has been set which may be changed by a better record to be created in future.  Our great achievements bring happiness to our surroundings, our country and the whole world.


Innumerable people have come and gone in the world, including the most distinguished, because of their great achievements.  Goodness inspires to do good deeds, so that everyone is aware of the importance of goodness in the society by doing good deeds.  Truth is always true and it never changes like day and night, that old thing etc.  There are many facts in nature as helpers in development.  Attracts the bees to the flower and the fragrance of the flower. For the process of pollination, sunlight transmits energy for all life on earth.


The saga of pride keeps on presenting and spreading in the society through various mediums.  The proof of right is presented for the right meaning to strengthen the belief.  Here many people lived life and presented new ways of living and went by telling that any types of difficulties can be overcome.

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life love Story

From Morning Till Dawn: Story #03


I left home at 07:18, by roadways bus at 09:16 from one bus stand to another, by auto rickshaw at 09:21 to railway station, at 09:24 to platform and at 09:25 to platform 3 Arrived at. I received berth number 30 of compartment number AB1 of the train at 09:57. Train started at 09:58 and TT came at 10:01 and confirmed the seat after checking the ticket.

  After the station and outside the window kept observing various scenes such as outside the city where the soil appeared in its colors in the empty space, greenery was seen in the places full of crops. The mustard field with the specialty was different from others and attractive because of its yellow flowers, it looked as if someone had spread a yellow sheet in the green fields. On the ridges of the field, small and big trees stand like guards, with their branches as poles.

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From Morning Till Dawn: Story #03


I left home at 07:18, by roadways bus at 09:16 from one bus stand to another, by auto rickshaw at 09:21 to railway station, at 09:24 to platform and at 09:25 to platform 3 Arrived at. I received berth number 30 of compartment number AB1 of the train at 09:57. Train started at 09:58 and TT came at 10:01 and confirmed the seat after checking the ticket.

After the station and outside the window kept observing various scenes such as outside the city where the soil appeared in its colors in the empty space, greenery was seen in the places full of crops. The mustard field with the specialty was different from others and attractive because of its yellow flowers, it looked as if someone had spread a yellow sheet in the green fields. On the ridges of the field, small and big trees stand like guards, with their branches as poles.

My eyes went to two big trees standing on two different sides of a puddle, on which were sitting many white herons, flying and coming to each other tree. Suddenly I remembered the time of my childhood when we used to make and fly paper airplanes, which would fly from one house to another and when they were returned by childhood friends, they would fly back.

  A duck was floating in the water at some distance from the railway tracks and a wave was forming behind it like the smoke behind a rocket flying in the sky. The shadow of the tree started to twinkle in the mirror and it became a new style of design. Exciting freelancing forms of blue, dark green and sky blue. Due to the angle of the sun being less than forty-five degrees, its shadow longer than the object started drawing pictures on the compartment of the train, which were entering the way of the players and registering their presence.

After sunset, darkness began to wrap around the trees, the near view becoming distant and blurry. People welcomed the arrival of night with lights, a variety of resources adorned the roadside and homes. I covered 520 kms of my 987 kms journey, spending most of the day time watching nature comfortably outside the house.

If seen, there are no big farms in the city, due to which there are scenes like outside, then in the pictures. Too many houses and too wide roads, little space for greenery such as a divider in the middle of a road or vacant space on both sides.

There is a very old tree especially at a crossroads, it also appears from people’s telling and seeing. The storms, rains and winds have damaged it, but the forest department officer has stopped from harming this tree in any way. Even though the paths were made differently, but for years this tree is standing there with its natural environment.

Vehicles are running in the distance, it seems as if the stars are running on the ground! Everyone in the rail compartment is awake and the situation is telling that everyone hiding in the dark is sleeping till the next day. For a while the train stopped at a place where the bushes were mixed in the color of the night. In the presence of fireflies, the flowers of the forest were visible with the color of the leaves becoming the center of attraction.

After nine o’clock in the night my co-travellers started preparing to sleep, I also thought that after midnight, at two o’clock, I have to get down from the train at the designated place, then I went to sleep. I opened my eyes at two o’clock in the night and checked my mobile and found that the station where I have left for is about to come. After getting off the train, stayed in the waiting room of the station for some time, took lukewarm water and tea from the canteen stall. I found the time before dawn in the present atmosphere with the coming news of dawn and finished my journey by reaching my designated place at dawn with the aroma of dawn in the air.

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Story #02: Stroll

Story Poster
Story Poster

A man went out for a walk outside the house in an open environment. The rough sides of unpaved roads and trails made by people’s traffic and farmers’ vehicles. Green fields on one side and water flowing in the river on the other, making the air soft. The cold sun rose and suddenly dark clouds covered the sky. There was an old man guarding the crop in that deserted place, who gave him a place to stay in the rain. It was raining and the two were talking. It was ten o’clock in the day and there was no umbrella to go out. It was time for breakfast and he was hungry. It was a good coincidence that the old man shared and ate his breakfast, which satisfied both.

Away from home
Away from home

Time is not always the same, change has to be supported by all because nature operates on its own. The direction of the wind changed and the weather changed, then the sun came out, in which the smell of earth was still left. Greeted at the time of meeting, now it’s time to bid farewell. The one who was there stayed there and the one who came left for his appointed place. The far away object is not visible and even if it is visible it is blurry. There was no such determination while leaving the house, but by looking at it, he had come a long way. People were waiting at his house that when will he come back? It was Sunday and the children were also at home among those waiting. Although everything was known through the mobile call, still the wait remains.

Farmer's hut
Farmer’s hut

He was walking on his way back, eyes looking for some special plant which is not in his garden. He brought with him two such plants which give flowers and fruits after the rainy season. There was some fatigue but got the experience of living in some other environment outside. On reaching the destination, the journey of one and the wait of the other was completed.

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Story #01: Associate

Story Poster
Story Poster

He had left home by train to meet his known relative. The railway station was a short distance away, so reached on foot, it was a pleasant morning. Received the ticket from the first ticket booking counter of the eleventh station of the latter station. They had left after seeing the time and the train was also running on its scheduled time, due to which the train came in a while. The journey began, a distance of about five kilometers between each station, at each station the old passengers disembarked and the new ones boarded.

The children in the train compartment were excited to see the toy seller on the platform. Although there are toys in homes too, yet new toys are bought by the Guardian at the choice of the children. There were many people selling essential goods and food items such as those selling ripe bananas and those selling roasted peanuts. One of the features of the food sellers was to provide an additional nature friendly pouch with their belongings and a polite request to ‘collect the peels in these bags to facilitate cleaning for the sweepers’.

In the journey, some unfamiliar people shared their views and behaved like good human beings. They also listened to them and admired each other’s actions, like a familiar person. At the seventh station of the journey, a friend of his age boarded in his compartment. Meeting him yielded a Bachelor class classmate, reminiscent of old memories. Went alone but there was a happy coincidence, new people met, old people met and the journey became pleasant. Those who met him also invited the new acquaintance to meet with their contact number.

He got off the platform from the train at his destination station on time, was about to meet and go ahead, doing bye-bye with distant hand gestures. The roads outside the station were shaded with trees to give shade to the wanderer. In no time, she covered a short distance on foot and came close to her from afar and hugged her.

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Fail Can Succeed: M. Thought #192

Created by Hare Krishna Singh

Known or unknown becomes mistake in time,

With correction, advancement can be earned,

The brain is not a mold, which remains the same –

Possibilities come to mind when proper emotions came.

Literature :

One kilometre away from the haiway is his village. Primary and Junior High School located near the houses. Green surroundings near the buildings and around the village for a pleasant life. There were farmers as residents along with traders and workers who were more in numbers. As the school was near and the roads were easy, the children there used to get elementary education easily as per the requirement.

For high school education, children hade to cross that very busy highway, despite being close, it took a long time to cross the road because it takes time for the traffic to normalize. Another of the roads which crosses that wide road from below and which is not crowded except for one reason that the distance from that road is twice the distance of the school. For to say, but the time is less because of the lack of traffic from the under cross route as compared to the upper rout. There are also such concepts of mind in which simple is preferred more and easy is less. Such a situation sometimes results in substantial losses, as happened to some of those students; Sometimes arriving late in the class and sometimes arriving late in the examination, due to which the number of subjects is less and sometimes, is failed.

Instead of getting upset in trouble, you have to think and at the same time change your thinking. After working hard in the right direction, those who do hard work want proper results, otherwise hard work goes in vain. Obstacle also sometimes serve as an explanation for those who stop due to obstruction. Whenever the feelings of the mind get hurt, the feelings change and take a new form. For example, when the speed of flowing water stops, then the water makes a new path.

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Poem: 342: Mother Says

Made by Hare Krishna Singh/

Heart beat and the onset of the feeling of the mind,

Life begins with mother here,

The mother imparts knowledge to the children on her lap –

Mother says look, he is your father,

Mother says look, they are your own,

Mother says look, there is sky above,

That’s where natural light comes from,

There are sun, moon and Innumerable stars,

Apart from our Earth, there are many celestial bodies,

All natural decorations is from those lights,

There is an aura of sunshine in the day and moonlight at night.

They are the flying clouds that give us water –

Rain water gives life to rivers,

It irrigates the surrounding and the greenery of the forest,

The crop stems in the presence of water and dew,

Buds and flowers come in the garden,

They blossom and thrive for happiness,

The seasons change here according to the time,

Every change has something new,

Sometimes autumn and sometimes spring comes,

The new one smiles after the passing of the old,

Nature has an integral relationship with life.

Mother arrange the belongings in the school bag,

She sands her children to school,

Mother says, my dear go to the read,

There will be teachers to teach –

To fill the knowledge in your new brain,

Knowledge is very important to development,

It is necessary to walk the path or to climb a mountain,

It illuminates the mind with light,

A waking dream is born in the light of day,

Unseen dreams get form with open eyes,

Achievements open new doors of possibility,

Many friends and lots of love are found here,

The world looks beautiful from effect of love.

Mother says, you never panic with failure,

The result gives an excuse to test oneself,

After the efforts, there is a treasure of great success,

Festivities are celebrated after the victory and torches are lit,

That light asks to move forward with bliss.

There is no end to the expansion of the sky,

Crossing the barriers is the religion of heroes,

Hidden in the mysteries is their real quintessence,

Doing great things brings greatness,

The main demand of humanity is the all-beneficial work –

Mother says…..

Happy Mothers Day

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M. Thought #186: Extremely Beautiful

Life is beautiful,

Should make it more beautiful,

Will be get very happiness –

If become a helpful for others.

अनुवाद :

ज़िन्दगी ख़ूबसूरत है,

इसे और ख़ूबसूरत बनाया जाय,

बेहद ख़ुशी मिलेगी –

यदि औरों के लिए मददगार बनें।

Literature :

The work of the heart is to keep the blood flowing in the arteries of the body. Life goes on and on for life, holding the thred of life. The true friends of life in life are helpful for the advancement of life. Visions of progress and rewards are illuminated, they show light even in the dark, explaining to the people about the paths. If anyone is asked if they want happiness, then the answer will be yes. Life is difficult, yet happiness is easy, it is very much needed by all for life. Those who give happiness are loved by those who find happiness. There are a lot of discussions of beauty, these beautiful, those beautiful and all beautiful subjects are the center of attraction. Secrets of beauty in beautiful facts exist for the discerning. Mountains, plateaus, rivers and seas say so much, with them the wind makes music and makes us sing. There is an archaic connection of lives to natural creations. Everyone has an active desire, happiness and direct or indirect hope for happiness. Many names are world famous for their valuable contributions, along with their struggles, are spread with joy to the world for all. Many things are hidden in hunger, thirst and in search as old and new things. To appear and prove something special is an important achievement. The duration of life is limited between the and end of breath, it can be short or large which is uncertain. The present time is in front of everyone to do something that can ensure the attainment of happiness. Messages come from all around and from all directions, according to which the subjects are sorted so that one can experience simplicity and ease in identification. The idea of truth gives knowledge of hardness, simplicity and certainty.

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