hk sky

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Hair, cloud

Shading, darkening, shining

It is a neutral color


© 2021

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Today is the letter, not they

Open things, which said

Years later, those memories

Mark is remain, which written

Warps and wefts veneer

Still together, which woven

Sorrow and happiness partner, of everyone

Always the same, not the same

Of the here old, tradition ‘Gayshir’

Someone from always, not they

© 2021

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Black street,

Pitch road,

Being built now,

Scorching sun,

Shining look –

Flashing road.

Black street,

Pitch road.

अनुवाद :

काली सड़क,

तारकोल वाली सड़क,

अभी बन रही,

कड़कती धूप,

चमकता रूप –

चमकती सड़क।

काली सड़क,

तारकोल वाली सड़क ।

© 2021