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Gayshir (The Sky / Firmament)


In those days I used to study in primary class, then my name was different from now.  To carry the gift from here to there, the function of the gift carrier and messenger for the message was performed by the designated person through official and personal means.  One day when I came home from school, I saw my mother reading a letter, which was sent by my mother’s maternal uncle.  Regarding my name, there was a message in the letter that I should be named Hare Krishna Singh.  Since then till now this name of mine is with me for my identity.

From the very beginning of my studies, we had an interest in art, as a result, I have been composing artistic works.  After studying Intermediate, I decided to study my interest and enrolled myself to study Fine Arts in the Faculty of Visual Arts of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi after passing the entrance exam.  Obtained Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in four years out of stipulated six years and Master of Fine Arts degree in Fine Arts in two years.

It was a matter of those days when my teachers came to know about my poetic compositions.  My guru gave me a piece of advice that why don’t you put a surname in front of your name like other poets do.  I considered these things and studied about surnames and found that poets keep words like Sameer, Badal, Neeraj etc.  Searched the words in the dictionary and selected one word. The word ‘Gaishir’ which means the sky, firmament.

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