Rhythmic Words

RW~362: Telling


She said.

Story made.

© 2022

Extremely Huge Canvas: RW ~351

Created by Hare Krishna Singh

You listen to the footsteps of the evening,

Time is running quietly,

The artists of the sky are invisible –

The color is changing automatically.


Two to three hours before nightfall, that is to say- before dusk on the sky in the direction of the sun. There are various changes through the characters, sometimes with clouds and sometimes without clouds, including new and pleasing shapes. There is no sound in the top such as many actions during painting-drawing, color mixing, paintbrush operation etc. No labour but time goes on, as a result of which the shadows of colors change in order of their light to dark effects. Neither the reader nor the announcer continues to speak an information that now the day is moving towards its perfection.

Since time immemorial, this special time has a specific importance, which determines the execution of many regular and fixed routines of life. Birds living on the trees or creatures living on the earth, who go far away from their habitat for arranging their food, all become alert and start preparing to reach their habitat and wherever their is a place of residence, all of them eventually reach. The changing colors indicate that the sailors of the boats floating on the streams of the river also have predetermined shores for past-work relaxation. As a proof, they appear to be returning to the shore with the boats as the do every day.

Schools are closed and offices have also been discharged. Students and teachers working at their homes but some evenings, the workers are returning to their homes. Nearby on foot and away from rental or own private vehicles. From the open ground, from the open terrace, from the mountains, from the banks of the river, the view which manifests daily with its diversity. Although this does not happen, but those looking at the sky seem to be connected to the earth far away from their eyes.

The flying white and brown birds make the picture full of colors more beautiful, and at sunset, the day slowly passes after dusk…

© 2021