These And They: Poem: 356

Created by Hare Krishna Singh

Alone in loneliness,

There are fairs in mind,

With whom live,

With whom have played,

Couldn’t say –

The mind has spoken.


तन्हाई में अकेले हैं,

मन में मेले हैं,

जिसके साथ जिये,

जिसके साथ खेले हैं,

कह नहीं पाए –

मन के बोले हैं।

© 2021

Poem: 342: Mother Says

Made by Hare Krishna Singh/

Heart beat and the onset of the feeling of the mind,

Life begins with mother here,

The mother imparts knowledge to the children on her lap –

Mother says look, he is your father,

Mother says look, they are your own,

Mother says look, there is sky above,

That’s where natural light comes from,

There are sun, moon and Innumerable stars,

Apart from our Earth, there are many celestial bodies,

All natural decorations is from those lights,

There is an aura of sunshine in the day and moonlight at night.

They are the flying clouds that give us water –

Rain water gives life to rivers,

It irrigates the surrounding and the greenery of the forest,

The crop stems in the presence of water and dew,

Buds and flowers come in the garden,

They blossom and thrive for happiness,

The seasons change here according to the time,

Every change has something new,

Sometimes autumn and sometimes spring comes,

The new one smiles after the passing of the old,

Nature has an integral relationship with life.

Mother arrange the belongings in the school bag,

She sands her children to school,

Mother says, my dear go to the read,

There will be teachers to teach –

To fill the knowledge in your new brain,

Knowledge is very important to development,

It is necessary to walk the path or to climb a mountain,

It illuminates the mind with light,

A waking dream is born in the light of day,

Unseen dreams get form with open eyes,

Achievements open new doors of possibility,

Many friends and lots of love are found here,

The world looks beautiful from effect of love.

Mother says, you never panic with failure,

The result gives an excuse to test oneself,

After the efforts, there is a treasure of great success,

Festivities are celebrated after the victory and torches are lit,

That light asks to move forward with bliss.

There is no end to the expansion of the sky,

Crossing the barriers is the religion of heroes,

Hidden in the mysteries is their real quintessence,

Doing great things brings greatness,

The main demand of humanity is the all-beneficial work –

Mother says…..

Happy Mothers Day

© 2021

2R: 258: Around Sunrise

New situations are found after the night.

After dreams of sleep, meet reality..

अनुवाद :

रात के बाद नए हालात मिलते हैं।

नींद के सपनों के बाद हक़ीक़त से मिलते हैं।।

© 2021