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Yellow: Article #01

Spring is called the king of seasons for its characteristics. As soon as the attention of spring comes, spring-colored flowers appear in front of the eyes. In this season, the fields are full with mustard, sunflower, marigold, arhar and flax yellow flowers. Yellow is important for a number of reasons. For example, the yellow color is pure and a symbol of happiness. It is arousing of ambitions, an intellectual development and a nurturer of conscience. One aspect of its golden color is that it gives a completely peaceful and pleasant feeling
It is also a cause of youth, happiness and joy related to sunlight. If the walls of the rooms are painted yellow, it creates a sense of light and joy in the room. Yellow fruits and vegetables are supposed to clean the stomach and give peace to the nerve. The golden colour with highly positive vibration is going to generate compassion and creativity with profound spiritual being.
Yellow also has a negative side. If its excessive brightness is used repeatedly, then our consciousness becomes hyperactive and creates irritability. It causes fear, becomes prejudicial and even destructive, and there are many quick reactions to stress situations. Babies often cry in a yellow room, and in a yellow environment, allergens are spread far and wide.
There are a lot of things in the history of yellow. This color was regarded as a sacred color in China, Greek and Egypt, later it became a symbol of power. This color is also considered to be a symbol of the sun and a symbol of god's goodness. In the pictures of the saint and God, a yellow halo is formed around the head. In the presence of a yellow color, our vision sends electrochemical signals from the eyes to the brain very quickly.
The use of yellow colour on Manglik occasions is considered auspicious. The shade of this color looks gorgeous to look at and there is an atmosphere of happiness everywhere. Yellow is also considered to be related to the qualities of forgiveness, seriousness, production, stability, splendor, strength, sensibility and heaviness. This color can be used to attract a small amount of attention, such as in advertisements and traffic signs.
From the point of view of medical science, yellow color generates energy for the muscles by stimulating our motor nerve. There is a possibility of partial or complete paralysis when there is an error in sending a yellow vibration to a part of the body. The functionality and further damage are improved by using red and green rays with yellow. If yellow rays are added to the gastro-intestinal tracts for a short period of time then it is helpful in digestion. It balances the flow by eliminating/removing insects/bacteria by overuse of it. The appearance of yellow color is helpful in muscle formation. It has an effect on the catalyst, cleaning and liver. It provides benefits to the stomach and skin. It is also helpful in cleaning the blood. It also helps in the improvement of happiness, intellectual level and eclipse power. Apart from this, yellow color is also beneficial in rheumatoid arthritis, constipation, diabetes, digestive problems, skin disease, fatigue, liver disease, depression, paralysis, and kidney disease. But it is better not to use it in the event of excessive swelling, rash, fast heartbeat, over-stimulation, diarrhea and fever.
By the way, yellow is the color of the sun, of gold, and of happiness. It has a beautiful and beautiful effect.

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