Whatever content visitors consume from our site artpens.net are credited and uploaded by us but some terms consisting in our site are used as attribution which can be misunderstood by the first view front without knowing of their attributions. Hence, attributions have been used so that the author Hare Krishna Singh/‘Gayshir’ can spread the interpretation of his creative imagination in a more better and ingenious way.
That’s why a set of list is uploaded below in which the attribution terms are mentioned which have been used in the domain of categories and content secrets categories uploaded on our site to enhance/clarify your understanding further:

  • 2R/2rows: Two rows
  • 4R/4Rows: Four rows
  • M: Monostich
  • OP: Poster
  • OWP: One Word Poem
  • pic&words: Picture and words/word
  • Dsgn: Design
  • GT: Good Time
  • HT: Happy Time
  • RT: Running Time
  • HD: Happy Day
  • HPO: Haynaku/tercet
  • SL: Some Lines
  • DW: Daily Words
  • RW: Rhythmic Words
  • M. Thoughts: Motivational Thoughts
  • M. Ideas: Motivational Ideas
  • SWS: Six Word Story
  • MT: Motivational Thoughts
  • PT: Pretty Time
  • SSWS: Sunday Six Word Story
  • WAVES: Use of the word waves in place of rhythm.
  • ID: International Day
  • LT: Lovely Time
  • HN: Happy Night
  • Daily New: Picture
  • Nature Says: In two, four or more rows.
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