Lata Mangeshkar: Homage: SL: 272


Lata Mangeshkar,

Unique personality,

Will resonate –

Their voices.


लता मंगेशकर,

अनुपमेय व्यक्तित्व,

गूँजती रहेंगी –

उनकी आवाज़ें।

When the media asked the people involved in his last visit about him, they said, 'There are many things that cannot be said.'
Lata Mangeshkar (28 September 

1929 – 6 February 2022) was an

Indian playback singer and

occasional musician. She is

widely regarded as one of the

greatest and most influential

singers of India. The Government

of India honored Lata Mangeshkar

with honorific titles such as

'Nightingale of India', 'Voice

of the Millennium' and 'Queen of

Melody' for her outstanding

contribution to Indian music

during a career spanning seven

decades. In 2001, she was also

awarded the country's highest

honor 'Bharat Ratna'.

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