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From Hare To There: Poem: 400

During the conversation, many things come to the fore, 

People listen and say many things,

Even those who are silent know many things,

By coming in remembrance, the mind is provoked to meet again Special meetings.

One's voice may go to the ear of another to a certain extent,

The new revolution has eased much and broken the shackles of boundaries,

The new construction has also made it easier to catch the lie,

He says he didn't come,

The video says he came.

The successful journey of water from rivers to bottles became possible,

There is arrangement for lodging and food at the place,

Calling advertisements from the windows of vehicles,

From afar everyone tells his specialty,

Whoever likes here goes there.

There is a rest of the night, he has to go ahead again in the morning,

Night is like an occasion for all,

People walk in the night because of their busyness,

So much activity that some people, walk even in dreams.

The talk of letters has become obsolete,

Now there are so many types of messages that don't ask,

There are no opportunities to see some messages,

People have to listen to complaints when they make mistakes.
Here and there
Here and there
There are many ways to go anywhere here,

There is many medium to register your presence,

If not real, then virtual also works,

Press the remote button here and the lamp lights up somewhere else,

According to the time, Inventions happen.

If you forget to say something, write it down on paper with a pen or on a screen with a keyboard,

If you miss the evening, you can say in the morning,

No matter what the knot is like a breaker,

Someone stays And someone moves on.

Sometimes one has to go somewhere to persuade one's own mind.

Were earlier and still is greenery.

Greenery brings happiness. There are many proofs of beauty in nature.

You can smile with flowers if you can't find a human.

The earth moves but the earth has stability.

In this stage also a lot changes automatically.

One sky but different light.

Sometimes there is sunshine from the sun and moonlight from the moon.

The roads keep getting shorter by moving.

One position is followed by another.

Thinking gives dreams and dreams give new thinking.

The morning visible day lasts till evening.

© 2022

By Hare Krishna Singh

My name is Hare Krishna Singh. In literary activities I am also known as the name of Hare Krishna 'Gayshir'. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999 and Master of Fine Arts in 2001 from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. During this period, I earned Diploma in Vocal Music, Photography and Yoga from the same university. Between 2001 and 2004, I worked independently in the field of Art and Literature. I joined as an Art Teacher in Uttar Pradesh, India on dated October 11,2004 and since then I have been working to till now.

Art: All scenes are related with art.
Pens/Creations: All creations are created by nature or creatures.

Our life is also for the world.
Should be spread: happiness and light...

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