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Proud: Story #04


The words that come out of the mouth after birth are different.  In the course of the progress of life, the process of constructing new syntax goes on continuously according to the condition and arrangement.  The new stream crosses every obstacle that comes in its way and keeps moving forward on the earth to reflect the new change.  She does not see what kind of situations are, or does not think before doing, how this work will be possible?  When new achievements come in front of the world, then a new experience and new learning are presented.  Letters make words and words make sentences and sentences make a story.


Opportunities to listen, read, write or say come every day.  The discussion of history, along with repeating the time gone by, tells what happened behind and what was proved from it?  The example influences the activities that will happen next, facilitating in a different sense.  The world class record indicates that a record has been set which may be changed by a better record to be created in future.  Our great achievements bring happiness to our surroundings, our country and the whole world.


Innumerable people have come and gone in the world, including the most distinguished, because of their great achievements.  Goodness inspires to do good deeds, so that everyone is aware of the importance of goodness in the society by doing good deeds.  Truth is always true and it never changes like day and night, that old thing etc.  There are many facts in nature as helpers in development.  Attracts the bees to the flower and the fragrance of the flower. For the process of pollination, sunlight transmits energy for all life on earth.


The saga of pride keeps on presenting and spreading in the society through various mediums.  The proof of right is presented for the right meaning to strengthen the belief.  Here many people lived life and presented new ways of living and went by telling that any types of difficulties can be overcome.

© 2022

By Hare Krishna Singh

My name is Hare Krishna Singh. In literary activities I am also known as the name of Hare Krishna 'Gayshir'. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999 and Master of Fine Arts in 2001 from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. During this period, I earned Diploma in Vocal Music, Photography and Yoga from the same university. Between 2001 and 2004, I worked independently in the field of Art and Literature. I joined as an Art Teacher in Uttar Pradesh, India on dated October 11,2004 and since then I have been working to till now.

Art: All scenes are related with art.
Pens/Creations: All creations are created by nature or creatures.

Our life is also for the world.
Should be spread: happiness and light...

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