Story #02: Stroll

Story Poster
Story Poster

A man went out for a walk outside the house in an open environment. The rough sides of unpaved roads and trails made by people’s traffic and farmers’ vehicles. Green fields on one side and water flowing in the river on the other, making the air soft. The cold sun rose and suddenly dark clouds covered the sky. There was an old man guarding the crop in that deserted place, who gave him a place to stay in the rain. It was raining and the two were talking. It was ten o’clock in the day and there was no umbrella to go out. It was time for breakfast and he was hungry. It was a good coincidence that the old man shared and ate his breakfast, which satisfied both.

Away from home
Away from home

Time is not always the same, change has to be supported by all because nature operates on its own. The direction of the wind changed and the weather changed, then the sun came out, in which the smell of earth was still left. Greeted at the time of meeting, now it’s time to bid farewell. The one who was there stayed there and the one who came left for his appointed place. The far away object is not visible and even if it is visible it is blurry. There was no such determination while leaving the house, but by looking at it, he had come a long way. People were waiting at his house that when will he come back? It was Sunday and the children were also at home among those waiting. Although everything was known through the mobile call, still the wait remains.

Farmer's hut
Farmer’s hut

He was walking on his way back, eyes looking for some special plant which is not in his garden. He brought with him two such plants which give flowers and fruits after the rainy season. There was some fatigue but got the experience of living in some other environment outside. On reaching the destination, the journey of one and the wait of the other was completed.

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