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He had left home by train to meet his known relative. The railway station was a short distance away, so reached on foot, it was a pleasant morning. Received the ticket from the first ticket booking counter of the eleventh station of the latter station. They had left after seeing the time and the train was also running on its scheduled time, due to which the train came in a while. The journey began, a distance of about five kilometers between each station, at each station the old passengers disembarked and the new ones boarded.

The children in the train compartment were excited to see the toy seller on the platform. Although there are toys in homes too, yet new toys are bought by the Guardian at the choice of the children. There were many people selling essential goods and food items such as those selling ripe bananas and those selling roasted peanuts. One of the features of the food sellers was to provide an additional nature friendly pouch with their belongings and a polite request to ‘collect the peels in these bags to facilitate cleaning for the sweepers’.

In the journey, some unfamiliar people shared their views and behaved like good human beings. They also listened to them and admired each other’s actions, like a familiar person. At the seventh station of the journey, a friend of his age boarded in his compartment. Meeting him yielded a Bachelor class classmate, reminiscent of old memories. Went alone but there was a happy coincidence, new people met, old people met and the journey became pleasant. Those who met him also invited the new acquaintance to meet with their contact number.

He got off the platform from the train at his destination station on time, was about to meet and go ahead, doing bye-bye with distant hand gestures. The roads outside the station were shaded with trees to give shade to the wanderer. In no time, she covered a short distance on foot and came close to her from afar and hugged her.

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