M. Thought #186: Extremely Beautiful

Life is beautiful,

Should make it more beautiful,

Will be get very happiness –

If become a helpful for others.

अनुवाद :

ज़िन्दगी ख़ूबसूरत है,

इसे और ख़ूबसूरत बनाया जाय,

बेहद ख़ुशी मिलेगी –

यदि औरों के लिए मददगार बनें।

Literature :

The work of the heart is to keep the blood flowing in the arteries of the body. Life goes on and on for life, holding the thred of life. The true friends of life in life are helpful for the advancement of life. Visions of progress and rewards are illuminated, they show light even in the dark, explaining to the people about the paths. If anyone is asked if they want happiness, then the answer will be yes. Life is difficult, yet happiness is easy, it is very much needed by all for life. Those who give happiness are loved by those who find happiness. There are a lot of discussions of beauty, these beautiful, those beautiful and all beautiful subjects are the center of attraction. Secrets of beauty in beautiful facts exist for the discerning. Mountains, plateaus, rivers and seas say so much, with them the wind makes music and makes us sing. There is an archaic connection of lives to natural creations. Everyone has an active desire, happiness and direct or indirect hope for happiness. Many names are world famous for their valuable contributions, along with their struggles, are spread with joy to the world for all. Many things are hidden in hunger, thirst and in search as old and new things. To appear and prove something special is an important achievement. The duration of life is limited between the and end of breath, it can be short or large which is uncertain. The present time is in front of everyone to do something that can ensure the attainment of happiness. Messages come from all around and from all directions, according to which the subjects are sorted so that one can experience simplicity and ease in identification. The idea of truth gives knowledge of hardness, simplicity and certainty.

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