Poem: 107: Speed And Story

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The river flows –

Keeps pace,

Now any proud.

She goes away,

Dries up,

Nevertheless –

The mark remains,

The story stays.

अनुवाद :

नदी बहती है –

रफ़्तार बनाए रखती है,

कोई अभिमान नहीं.

वह चली जाती है,

सूख जाती है,

फिर भी –

चिन्ह रह जाता है,

कहानी रहती है.


© gayshir 2019




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  • Hare Krishna 'Gayshir'

    I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999 and Master of Fine Arts in 2001 from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. During this period, I earned Diploma in Vocal Music, Photography and Yoga from the same university. Between 2001 and 2004, I worked independently in the field of Art and Literature. I joined as an Art Teacher in Uttar Pradesh, India on dated October 11,2004 and since then I have been working to till now.

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