संसार के लिए समझौता/Compromise For The World


खिड़की खुलते ही,

दिखते थे दोनो-

पीपल और नीम के पेड़।

एक के नीचे खंडहर,

दूसरे के नीचे भवन,

दोनो बसेरा था-

पशु-पक्षियों का।

एक रात आँधी आई,

अकेला रह गया पीपल,

विदा हो लिया नीम।

दीमकों ने जड़,

खोखला की थी-

आँखें मोड़ ली थी,

छाया में रहने वाले,

क्यौंकि अच्छा सा घर था,

कोई चिन्ता नहीं।

उधर आधे गुज़र गये,

बेघर हुए बाक़ी,

करना पड़ा समझौता,

कहीं और जाने के लिये,

बसाने के लीये घर-

आवश्यक है जीवन के लिये,

संसार सजाने के लिये,

सभी का परिवार।

English Version:

When the window opens,

Booth locked –

Ficus and Azadirachta/Neem tree.

Ruins under one,

Second under building,

Both were roost –

Of animal – birds.

One night come thunderstorm,

Left alone Ficus,

Got off Azadirachta tree.

Termite root,

Was hollow –

Eyes turned off,

Living in shadow,

Because there was a nice house,

No any trouble.

Thither half passed away,

Left homeless,

Had to do Comprise,

To go somewhere else,

House to settle down –

Need for life,

For decorate The Word,

Family of all.

© gayshir 2018

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    I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999 and Master of Fine Arts in 2001 from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. During this period, I earned Diploma in Vocal Music, Photography and Yoga from the same university. Between 2001 and 2004, I worked independently in the field of Art and Literature. I joined as an Art Teacher in Uttar Pradesh, India on dated October 11,2004 and since then I have been working to till now.

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