निश्चित प्रभाव/Certain Effect

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तुम कहते हो,

वह सुनता है,

कुछ अदृश्य जैसा,

सम्बन्ध बनता है।

मन में स्मरण,

मस्तिष्क में ध्यान,

शुभेक्षा उसके प्रति-

स्वप्न बुनता है।

सत्य में शान्ति,

नहीं रहती भ्रान्ति,

निश्चित और सुन्दर,

प्रभाव दिखता है।

कहना करने जैसा,

बहते झरने जैसा,

संग्रहित जल में-

कमल खिलता है।


You say,

He listens,

Something like invisible,

Relatinship is formed.

Remind in mind,

Meditation in the brain,

Good wishes for him-

Dream spin.

Peace in truth,

Does not remain illution,

Sure and beautiful,

Looks impact.

Say as do,

Like flowing waterfalls,

In the stored water-

The lotus blooms.



Hare Krishna Singh

My name is Hare Krishna Singh. In literary activities I am also known as the name of Hare Krishna 'Gayshir'. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1999 and Master of Fine Arts in 2001 from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. During this period, I earned Diploma in Vocal Music, Photography and Yoga from the same university. Between 2001 and 2004, I worked independently in the field of Art and Literature. I joined as an Art Teacher in Uttar Pradesh, India on dated October 11, 2004 and since then I have been working to till now.

ArtPens :
Art : All scenes are related with art.
Pens / Creations : All creations are created by nature or creatures.

Goal :
Our life is also for the world.
Should be spread : happiness and light...

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