Month: March 2018

अहिंसा का धर्म/Religion of Nonviolence

(भगवान महावीर जयन्ती के उपलक्ष्य पर/On occasion of Lord Mahaveer Birthday)


Even though the soul is immortal-

The desire to kill someone can be made,

The desire cause violence for fulfillment of selfishness,

Violence will not happen if there is control over the senses.

Nonviolence free life,

Live in the world without sinless,

Is beautiful and possible-

With meditation and knowledge,

Lord Mahaveer proved it-

Path of religion do bright.


जल यहाँ और वहाँ/Water Here and There (विश्व जल दिवस के उपलक्ष्य पर/On the occasion of World Water Day)

Here are spending water in vain,

There people are waiting in the queue to stand.

With great patience and discipline –

The desire of everyone is readiness is displayed.

Drop of water are life of thirst,

Its requirement is life from fulfillment,

The appearance of smallness is in the world psyche,

After this, problems are also increasing.

Richest purchase water with wealth,

Poor people earn with hard work.

Someone dead without water, someone are guilty,

Demand is increasing day by day.


वह पागल/That Crazy

वह पागल नहीं है।

वह बीमार है,

वह कमजोर है,

वह लाचार है।

वह भूल गया है,

उसे याद भी है,

उसका सुख-दुख भी है,

उसका भी परिवार है।

वह रोता है,

वह ठहाका लगाता है,

अन्य से भिन्न भाव,

उसका अलग उदगार है।

किसी पे कम असर है,

कोई बेख़बर है,

कोई महसूस करता है,

किसी के सर पे सवार है।


That Crazy

That’s not crazy.

He is ill,

He is weak,

He is helpless.

He has forgotten,

He also remembers,

There is also happiness and pain,

He has a family too.

He cries,

He laughs,

Other than other expressions,

It has a different exclamation.

There is less effect on anyone,

Somebody in oblivious,

Someone feels,

Someone is riding on the head.


चिन्तन में/In Contemplation

Sleep doesn’t come overnight,

The baby was weeping in the neighborhood.

Mother was awake-

Pleasure was away.

The night was going through difficulties-

With a different face,

All together-

Deeply absorbed in sleep.

The clock was going on,

Morning arrival was near-

Admand crisis was present-

There is a probability that grief away in the day.

Concern was in contemplation.